Monday, 8 July 2013

Painting with embossing powders

It is summer and I have birds and fish on my mind.... doing crazy stuff. And I love the extra options I have when I 'paint' with embossing powders. New textures emerge and my mind is filling with possibilities.

I can paint fine lines with a thin marker and emboss or I can use ink to cover larger areas quickly and smoothly. If I want lots of texture I can use acrylic colour as the base for the embossing powder to stick to and let it all bubble up when I am putting the heat gun to it.

Glitter, metallics, neon, braille (ultra high) embossing powders are all fair game when creating a mixed media canvas.

A canvas also makes a great present and somehow seems to have more value to the recipient than a card. I often write my birthday greetings on the back of the canvas and it is a permanent reminder of that day. Keep your eyes open in pound stores where you often get stretched and primed canvases for £ 1. Seems good value to me!

Have fun!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Doris - thank you so much for sharing your lovely creations with us!
    Thank you very much too - I now know some new ways I can use my WOW EP's hugs Karen


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