Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mason Jar Vase

I noticed my go-to brand of premade spaghetti sauce comes in a mason jar. Mason jars have been popular for meals-in-jar, crafts and other projects that have gone viral on Pinterest.

Since we had pasta this last week, I had a jar and a desire to craft! What I came up with was a colorful vase ready for fresh cut flowers from the garden. If it's not filled, the painted and embellished Mason jar still looks beautiful!

The flower embellishments were made from cardstock and dipped in Wow embossing powders to add some shine and texture.

 I also made one small rose by heating "Melt It" with yellow embossing powder and pouring it into a silicone mold. 

I love how this upcycled vase will always have flowers!

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