Lighthouse Wall Hanging

Hello, Chris Saunders here again with this month's theme "Anything Goes".

Iv'e made a simple Wall Hanging for this theme - one that the children could help assemble once you have embossed all the separate pieces as you can just piece them together to form the picture.

To make the Wall- hanging I used a small piece of mount board which I painted blue. I then cut out two long triangles with the tops cut off. One I embossed in Apple Red and the other in Seafoam White. I  then cut the red one into strips. This formed the stripes of the Lighthouse. (See the picture on the right)

Most of the shapes used were squares and triangles (for the houses and roof tops) I also cut out cloud shapes which I embossed in white, and similar shapes for bushes which I embossed in green.

For the bottom of the picture I spread paint onto a silicone mat and stamped into it with the ME Collage stamp. This covered the stamp in paint which I again stamped onto black cardstock. Once cut out, this formed the flowers at the bottom of the piece. I attached some rafia to the back of the mount board with tape for hanging.

This Lighthouse can be assembled using silicone or PVA glue and would be easy if children wanted to join in and play along. I hope you have fun with this piece and it  gives you ideas for further pictures using embossed shapes. Happy crafting. Chris x

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  1. Love your wonderful lighthouse and you are so right, it would make a wonderful project for children to make.


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