A lot of Love with WOW!

Hello, my dear crafty friends!
Irit is here again and this month we challenge you to make Love projects.
 Also Valentine Day is over for this year, but I want to share my Valentine Mixed Media project made with WOW! Embossing Powders and Tando Creative chipboards.

First I covered all  bare grey chipboards with white pigmented ink (Clearsnap) and let them dry a lot. Then I covered them with  Cardinal Red, Apple Red and Pink Pastel embossing powders and I made it 3 times over each embossed chipboard. Then I added a thick layer of Clear embossing powder over them and the mix of hot melted powders gave us this unique look. Braille powder has been formulated to raise to the exact height that allows braille text to be read. Also used by Crafters for jewellery decoration by melting it in a pot or stamping into it for de-bossed effects. I just used it for the enamel glossy  mixed colored look, but you should try all other effects too as this is "Must" powder in your collection.
As those chipboard had heart shaped windows, I decided to add some glitter embossing powder inside. And here is my tip for this kind of embossing: add some double sided clear glue sheet on the back of your chipboard, keeping the back side of  the glue covered with a protective film. Then sprinkle embossing powder inside and heat it, but  if you do it after you already embossed  the chipboard outer surface, try to heat directly inside. The best way is to made the inside parts as the first step on embossing, but you never know unless you make some mistakes. So next time the inside should be done before the outsides. I used  Pearl Gold Sparkle powder inside my two heart chipboards and left the third one as is.  And now to the best tip: take  the backside protective film out, cover with clear embossing powder and heat emboss it to make the backside of your chipbords smooth and  waterproof.

I made the chain with old recycled gold plated chain, added a fabric brad over one chipboard and made  two ribbon bows around this huge metal key. All together this is a nice usable key /bag chain, and as it is all covered with  embossing powders it should last  at least for a few long month.
Then, as my embossing powders and my chipboards were on the craft table, I added this small embossed magnet to this Love set.
I used 4 more Tando chipboards for this small project. The heart with wings was covered with Pastel Blue powder, twice at least, and I added the Clear Multi Sparkle glitter over it. The lock and a key were covered with  Metallic Copper powder. The heart was  embossed with Pastel Pink  and then with Apple Red over it and look how nice is the coverage as we still can see some pinks, like an old crackle paste.

Product list:
WOW! Embossing Powders:
Cardinal Red
 Apple Red
 Pastel Pink
Clear Brailee
 Pearl Gold Sparkle
Pastel blue
Clear Multi Sparkle
 Metallic Copper
Chipboards - Tando Creative UK
Ribbons: Really Reasonable Ribbon shop
Other: key, chains, connectors
 See you all next month with more embossed inspiration!


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