Monday, 14 January 2013

- 3 Ideas for your Dinner Table -

Hi Christine here again with this month's theme - Snow and Ice -

For the Snow and Ice theme I decided to  "think outside the box" a little and came up with some techniques this time just to be a bit different.

I created a little table setting name plate using the Chandelier stamp from the Vintage set to create a  snowflake.
An embossed candle using the lovely Bahama Blue powders from the Caribbean set  and a wire candle charm with embossed paper icicle beads using the St Lucia Surf powder and Collage stamp.

To make the table name plate I stamped the Chandelier stamp 8 different ways, first facing north, then south, east then west then filled in the gaps - this created a snowflake image which I then mounted onto my card all ready to write on the name.

To make the embossed image on a candle I embossed a snowflake image onto tissue paper using the Bahama Blue powders. I then wrapped the tissue round the candle covering it with baking parchment paper then heated it with a heat gun. The tissue soaks into the candle along with the image.

To make the "icicle" beads for the candle charm I stamped a tapered strip of paper with the flower border Collage stamp then embossed the image with St Lucia Surf blue powders. I then glued the paper on the inside and wrapped it around a cocktail stick starting with the large end tapering off to the point. Once dry I added an eye pin, some beads and bead cap then formed a loop to finish. I used memory wire threaded with small beads and added 6 "icicles" to the wire at various stages. I formed a loop at both ends of the memory wire to stop the beads from falling off.
Hey presto, three items to decorate your dinner table.

Items used making this project were:

                             - St Lucia Surf
               Vintage set -Chandelier 


  1. These ideas are lovely Chris - a really innovative way to use the chandelier stamp x


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