Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Pumpkin Monster Card

Pumpkin Monster Card by Neil Burley
I don't normally 'do' Hallowe'en, but when you're on a design team, you gotta do what you're told! So here's my take on a card for the occasion, with a three dimensional pumpkin monster. Featuring mixes of embossing powders and a hidden prop, the card is designed to fit in a C5 envelope.

Here's how I made my pumpkin monster card:

Firstly, you'll need to get hold of a template. It just so happens I've uploaded mine, and it's available here. Print onto the thickest white card your printer can handle.

Cut out each of the sections, and lay them out in order. They are designed to overlap in the manner of a decoupage card so that you can build up some depth in the layers.

In a suitable jar (such as one you've used all the powder from) mix together equal amounts of Wow! Mandarin Opaque Primary and Wow! Primary Bark and then add a dollop of Wow! Metallic Copper. If you're using a small size Wow! jar, it's about 5mm depth of each the colours and a covering of the metallic. Shake well to mix thoroughly. This is your 'dark mix' and will be used on the shaded areas (bottom).

Next, mix your 'light mix' which will be for the highlighted areas (top). Mix two thirds Wow! Mandarin Opaque Primary with one third Wow! Primary Lemon, and then a dollop of Wow! Metallic Brass. Shake well to mix thoroughly.

Start by covering each section with clear embossing ink, applying the pad direct to the card. Sprinkle Wow! Mandarin Opaque Primary across the middle section first, tap off the excess. Repeat with your light mix across the top, and dark mix across the bottom, overlapping each with the Mandarin layer in the middle (this helps the blending). Once the section is covered, heat set your powders taking care not to overheat them. Repeat with all the sections.

I've mounted the sections onto a black base board, with the outer two sections being stuck down with double sided tape, the next with a single layer of foam pads and the middle section mounted on two layers. Affix an A6 card in landscape format to the back, and trim the front half of the affixed card to the shape of the pumpkin. Add the facial features with a permanent black pen, or cut out from card and stick down with double sided tape.

Wow! Shopping List
Wow! Mandarin Opaque Primary
Wow! Primary Bark
Wow! Metallic Copper
Wow! Primary Lemon
Wow! Metallic Brass


  1. Like it Neil!!You need a party now for this as an invite!

  2. haha.... snap...... very nice project though!
    I feel rebellious about Halloween. Seriously. Well. Kind off.....

  3. Great Pumpkin Neil! He looks suitably scary - my kids would have loved this when they were younger (would remind them of me, lol).


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