Meet the Flockers

Flocked Vase by Neil Burley
Please forgive the word play for the blog post title, I couldn't resist! I've been playing with the WOW! Fabulous Flocks and this decorative vase is the result.

I punched the pink flowers from high tack double sided adhesive sheet, sticking them down onto the vase before pressing the flock firmly onto the top sticky surface. Brush off the excess flock with a stiff paintbrush.

I made the yellow centres by folding a strip of double sided tape in half so it sticks to itself before punching out the sun shapes. This time I flocked them before sticking them down to the pink flowers. The strips at the base are just different widths of double sided tape stuck down and then covered in turn with the flocks.

This project is a bit fiddly with all the double sided tape, but you'll end up with your item fabulously flocked! And the best thing? If you don't like it, peel it all off and try again - those three strips at the bottom had four different colour combos before I settled on this one!


WOW! Fabulous Flocks used:


  1. These pastel flocks are so delicate and beautiful! I like the idea of being able to change your mind, even after you've already committed to a colour :)

  2. After playing with the flocks I can say that you did and excellent job getting the tape so evenly covered!! Looks great and makes something very pretty out of a plain old vase

  3. That´s really flocked! Unbeliefable effekt! I love it! xx Bianca


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