Flocking furniture

Hello, Doris here from Cheap Psychology. The first thing I thought of when I saw the gorgeous WOW flock, was how wonderful it would be to stroke a piece of furniture that had been flocked.

Luckily I have got just the thing. A chest of drawers I have not worked on for about a year. I want to cover up of all the pine and so far I have painted and embossed four of the drawers. Today I flocked another drawer and the effect and 'strokability' is amazing!

I experimented with a couple of different ways but to cover a large area, you get the easiest and most even application with spray adhesive. I even managed a two tone effect with the blue and the brown at the bottom. I cut a stencil, and sprayed adhesive for the brown border.The lilac border was cut out on my Silhouette and then covered in glue and flocked.

The handles I painted and used some WOW foil over acrylic paint to distress them. The chest of drawers is starting to look very eclectic indeed. Maybe this is the year when I get it finished!!

I used

WT06 Dark Blue Flock and some WT17 Sky Blue Flock over it to soften the colour. You can cover one drawer with one jar of flock and have a little left over.

WT10 Violet Flock for the top border and WT09 Brown Flock for the bottom shadow border.


  1. Wow! I am loving this! Those drawers are incredible... Are the top two painted by hand? Lush... x

  2. @Sarah Thanks! Yes the top drawers are my attempt at free form painting

  3. Fantastic! I'd never considered working at this scale... The whole set is a work of art :)


  4. This looks so very fab Doris! I love it! xx Bianca


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