"Count Down to Christmas" Fridge Magnet

Hi, Christine Saunders here again with my blog post for July.

I hate to say it but Christmas is coming (sorry) and like a boy scout I like to "be prepared" so,  I have made a "Count Down to Christmas" Fridge Magnet using the WoW range of Flocks. The numbers can be changed daily as a count down to the big day.
For this project I cut out a Die Cut shape from a sticky-backed Magnetic Shim.  I then cut out some tree shapes from the paper layer that I had peeled off the back of the shim and stuck these back onto the shape half way down so that the flock wouldn't stick to them. Layers of coloured flocks were then added to the shape to create the sky, backgound and foreground. I used Sky Blue, Light Green, Dark Green and Dark Brown Flock.

I then peeled off the paper exposing the sticky tree-shape to which I then added Dark and Light Green Flock to create the look of trees.

I then cut out free-hand some holly leaf shapes,  peeled off the backing paper and added Dark Green flock. Lines were drawn on the leaves for definition. The berries were cut free-hand and Red flock added with a white flock blob on each berry. 

I stamped various numbers onto the Magnetic Shim, cut them out then added blobs of Ref Flock and Gold Foils to add sparkle. The "Days to Go" letters are outline stickers. Adhesive gems were added to the trees to finish.

If you make numbers from 0 to 9 you can alter them each day as a count down. This idea can be used for any celebration or special event as you can use the numbers over and over again for any occasion.

Products used. Sky Blue Flock   
                       Lime Green Flock 
                        Green Flock
                        Dark Brown Flock
                        Red Flock
                        White Flock
                         Gold Foil


  1. You've made me feel all christmasy! Lovely project.

  2. Fab project Chris - you do have some good ideas :-)

  3. A cracker of a Christmas project - never too early to start crafting for Christmas in my experience! Love the combination of textures, and I suspect there will be one on my fridge shortly...


  4. Love this! The landscape is gorgeous!

  5. What a lovely idea! Looks like perfect for me as my boys just have to take a look on the frige and don´t ask me 100 times a day how many sleeps till Christmas ;o) xx Bianca

  6. Cute fridge magnet for christmas season I wanna add this designs to my domed fridge magnets

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