A wooden frame for Jubilee time

Hello Everyone!  As it´s Jubilee time everywere and we also do have a Jubilee theme for our challenge I also have a project fitting for this wonderfull occation. As you can see it´s a wooden board for photos.
 I have used:

WOW! Embossing Powders in:
WOW!Fab Folis in:
WOW! Clear Stamp Sets:

I have created the telephone box by using fab foils in red on bonding powder. I just rub gentley over the foil and did not use my iron for getting this little shabby effect. 

On the edges of my wooden photoboard I was experimenting a little bit with using embossing powder and foil tougether. The effect is amazing as the powders and foils are melting tougether. It looks like a wave in the sea on a sunny day. :o)
 You must try it too but don´t forget to use a sheet of backing paper between the powders/foils and your iron!!!

Have a crafty day! xx Bianca


  1. What a great showcase, not only of your trip to London, but all the techniques, powders, foils, stamps and talent you have!


  2. A lovely keepsake Bianca - so patriotic you wouldn't know you don't live here x


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