Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Tag

Jubilee Tag by Neil Burley
If you haven't enough to do or watch this Bank Holiday Weekend, how about getting crafty and making a commemorative card, scrapbook page or canvas featuring this suitably patriotic tag? All the elements are easily adapted to whatever sized page you're working on and use this month's theme colours. Read on for Neil's tips and techniques.

Here's how Neil made his tag:

To start, cover a tag with clear embossing ink and sprinkle WOW! Dark Blue Metalline embossing powder across half of the tag. Pinch a little of the powder between your thumb and finger and sprinkle a bit more along the centre to help blend the two colours. Tap off the excess, but don't heat set. Repeat with the WOW! Red Metalline embossing powder - you'll find it won't stick anywhere there's blue powder, so no need to sprinkle this time. Tap off excess and heat set the whole tag.

Select the rose stamp from the WOW! Simply Amazing clear stamp set, ink it up with clear embossing ink and print toward the bottom of the tag. Repeat either side and then cover with WOW! Bright White embossing powder. Tap off the excess and heat set.

Now use the crown stamp from the WOW! Vintage 1928 clear stamp set, and print three of them, embossing them first in a layer of WOW! Blue Glitz embossing glitter. Restamp over the top of each crown with clear embossing ink and then emboss again with WOW! Primary Lagoon embossing powder - this translucent layer darkens the image, gives a smooth gloss layer and allows the glitter to sparkle just that little bit more.

Repeat the process for the telephone box stamp from the WOW! Call Me! clear stamp set in WOW! Red Glitz embossing glitter and a layer of WOW! Primary Apple Red embossing powder.

[The stamp in this picture is red as it's been used with a permanent red ink, just so you know. None of the colour transferred when used with clear embossing ink.]

Now for the bunting - cut a strip of white card and ink up half with two layers of WOW! Red Glitz and then one layer of WOW! Apple Red, and the other half two layers of WOW! Blue Glitz and one more of WOW! Primary Lagoon to ensure a deep even colour and smooth surface. Cut out or punch the bunting shapes whilst the embossing powder is still warm (but set!) - this helps get a nice clean edge.

As the glossy surface is now picking up finger prints and stray embossing ink, use an antistatic bag to wipe over each piece of bunting before using a WOW! Embossing Pen to write your choice of letters and figures on each, and emboss with WOW! Bright White embossing powder. You may need to repeat to get a solid white letter. Have a clean dry fine brush to hand to remove stray flecks of embossing powder that refuse to leave the party.

Mount each piece of bunting on a piece of white card and cut to leave a small border. Stick to the rest of the tag using foam pads at the top of each piece - as the embossing powder cools and shrinks slightly the bunting will curl and add dimension to your tag.

WOW! Shopping List
WOW! Dark Blue Metalline embossing powder
WOW! Red Metalline embossing powder
WOW! Bright White embossing powder
WOW! Red Glitz embossing glitter
WOW! Primary Apple Red embossing powder
WOW! Blue Glitz embossing glitter
WOW! Primary Lagoon embossing powder

WOW! Simply Amazing clear stamp set
WOW! Vintage 1928 clear stamp set
WOW! Call Me! clear stamp set

WOW! Embossing Pen


  1. Great tag Neil. I love the bunting especially - I'll definitely have to have a go at this.

  2. love it, love it, love it!

  3. Great tag Neil - I've been making bunting for my blog post too!

  4. This is FAB Neil. The colours look really vibrant - loving it!

  5. So pretty! Especially love that angled shot where you can really see the sparkle!


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