Wednesday, 20 June 2012

British Countryside "Poppies in the Field"

Hi again,

Chris Saunders here with a "British" countryside scene all made from WoW Embossing Powders.

Iv'e used a variety of colours to create this British landscape of "Poppies in the Field"  along with some Free-formed flowers made using melted WoW powders.

To make this card:  Tear a piece of card roughly and place it two thirds of the way up on your card forming a mask. Ink the unmasked section and add Pastel Blue and Pastel Purple powder randomly on the card then heat set.

Ink in sections going further down the card adding colours such as Pastel Yellow,Verdigris, and Pepper as you go heat setting each colour in turn. Go all the way down your card to create a full backgound.
Melt Clear Gloss and Apple Red powder in a melt pot and pour into blobs onto a craft mat. Re-heat each blob a little and add a small dot of Black Twinkle Powder in the centre. Heat set again. When cool, peel these "flower heads" from the craft mat.
Stamp stems using the flourish stamp from the Everyday Sentiments Stamp Set in Green Primary and stick on the flower heads with silicone glue.

Each Landscape you make will turn out to be different so no two cards will ever be the same.  These free-form flowers can be used to decorate any project and you can add variety by using gold glitter or powder for the centres.


  1. It was great fun to make these at the training weekend - and it's true, no two cards were the same! Cracking little project, thanks for sharing :)


  2. What a great idea! I´m shure I have to try this one time too! Fab card! xx Bianca

  3. Great project and one I'l use in the future

  4. Lovely project. I have made a landscape before but never tried the flowers. A must do!

  5. I loved that you showed us how to do this..FAB !!

  6. I really enjoyed having a go at something new when you showed us this Chris. Fab xxx

  7. This is genius. I would love to film you demonstrating this technique some day! have a good weekend!


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