Saturday, 5 May 2012

Father's Day Card in Earthtones

Father's Day Card by Neil Burley
It's not long now until Father's Day (17th June 2012), and the WOW! Earthtones are ideal for making the traditionally difficult 'man card'. I've combined technique with colour to give texture and something to catch the eye - I've even added decoration on the inside, which I very rarely do! Read on for information on how to make this card and a handy shopping list!

Here's how to make this card:

Lettering -
  1. Cut out the letters 'DAD' from thick white card - it needs to be stiff as we will be triple embossing.
  2. Ink up the letters in turn with clear embossing ink and cover with WOW! Blueberry Earthtone Embossing Powder. Tap off the excess and heat set. Repeat twice for each letter. Take care not to overheat the powder.
  3. Get the WOW! Vintage Wallpaper stamp ready, and ink it up with clear embossing ink - this will act as a release agent in a moment.
  4. On each of the letters in turn, add a third layer of embossing powder, and heat set it, making sure it is all hot before stamping into the hot powder with the WOW! Vintage Wallpaper stamp. Hold still until cool and peel away the letter, leaving a textured surface behind. Remember to reink the stamp between letters with the clear embossing ink.
[P.S. For those that are worried that the WOW! clear stamps might be damaged by using them for triple embossing, I did a trial to see what would happen to them, since no one really knew! I did 100 triple emboss impressions with one of the WOW! clear stamps. It took over an hour and a half, and there is no obvious impact on the stamp whatsoever. I needed to turn off the heating in the craft room though!]

Two Tone Backgrounds -
  1. Choose either the dots or check from the WOW! Funky Border Strip stamp set and print with a clear embossing ink onto white card stock - cover with WOW! Honey Earthtone Embossing Powder, tap off the excess and heat set.
  2. Ink up the same stamp and this time print the image between the dots you've just heat set - they more or less line up! Cover with WOW! Grape Earthtone Embossing Powder, tap off the excess and heat set.

Sentiments -
  1. Stamp and emboss the ticket image from WOW! Gratitude stamp set in WOW! Blueberry Earthtone Embossing Powder, twice onto white card stock. Cut out leaving a small border.
  2. Stamp and emboss 'Happy Father's Day' from WOW! Everyday Sentiments stamp set in WOW! Honey Earthtone Embossing Powder onto white card stock, then mask off half of the text with a sheet of clean paper and print over again, this time embossing with WOW! Grape Earthtone Embossing Powder. Mount on a piece of card embossed with WOW! Grape Earthtone Embossing Powder.
  3. I used Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink to match the Blueberry tone on the front, and Dusty Concord Distress Ink for the inside, both sentiments are on the WOW! Gratitude stamp set.
Assembly -
  1. Powdering one side at a time so the ink doesn't dry, use a WOW! Embossing Ink Pen to draw a faux stitch border around the card and emboss with WOW! Blueberry Earthtone Embossing Powder.
  2. Stick down the tickets and background to the card with double sided tape. Stamp the sentiments directly onto the card.
  3. Mount the letters on foam pads.
  4. On the inside, stick all the layers down with double sided tape and print the sentiment.

WOW! Shopping List
WOW! Honey Earthtone Embossing Powder
WOW! Grape Earthtone Embossing Powder
WOW! Vintage Wallpaper Clear Stamp Set
WOW! Funky Border Strip Clear Stamp Set
WOW! Gratitude Clear Stamp Set
WOW! Everyday Sentiments Clear Stamp Set
WOW! Embossing Ink Pen


  1. Gorgeous set of cards, Neil! I especially love how you offset the dotty stamp! And those triple embossed letter look positively divine!

  2. I really like this Neil; very tasteful! - love the way you've carried the theme through to the inside :-)

  3. This is great how you offset the border why didn't I think of that LOL !!!!


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