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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Glitter Girls are back with some layouts!

Hi Girls! 
Well here we are again! Team Glitter Girls are back for another one of our team posts!
So without further ado lets take a looksie at what we have up our sleeves!

Look at this awesome layout from Amy!

Lets see what she said about creating this layout.

"I love adding journaling on my layouts. For my introduction page of my London album I decided to write out all the fun places we visited and emboss them in Cable Car Red Embossing Powder. I wrote all the places out in pencil first and then went back with my Wow Embossing Pen and added the embossing ink over the pencil.

Next, I poured the embossing powder over the writing and then heated it with my heat gun.

One quick tip: Since a pen is not as saturated as an ink pad, heat from undeneath first to ensure the powder adheres well, then heat from above."

Products used: Cable Car Red Embossing Powder, Call Me Stamp Set (phone booths)

Now lets look at this layout from Jen Matott

For her layout, Jen used:
Call Me stamp set
Cable Car Red,
Bay Area Blue,
Earth tone Olive,
 Metallic Copper Regular,
 metallic silver regular.

Here is what Jen had to say about her layout!

 "I went to Italy last summer and took so many photos of artwork and historical

treasures but I came across this example of interactive and public art... they

are just padlocks that are assembled by couples who visit here and add on their

lock to symbolize there love to each other while throwing the key in the river!

I loved the way the colors and metallics glinted in the sunlight.  The sheer

weight of these locks were bending the steel posts!  So cool!  I created this

layout with lots of layered powders.  I started with Grungeboard swirls and

shapes and added a layer of Bay Area Blue first... while it was hot, I added

some Olive powder and finally finished with some copper regular!  I love the

patina finish it gives. I also edged the layout with Metallic Copper Regular. I

also embossed the heart and letters "Locks" with Cable Car Red and Silver

                                 Absolutely LOVE the artistic effects you can achieve with these powders on

almost any surface!"

Wow, I love how it turned out! So bright, and bold!

Now lets take a peek at what Diana McGraw did this month!

                                                                         The name of this layout is:
 You Have Potential
                                                          Here is what Diana's Journaling says:

 "Limitless – You can be anything. scientists, doctors, teachers, lawyers, officers in the Navy, politicians, and daddy's to amazing children of your own. I love you and wish the best for you. Love Mommy.

 Dream – Don't be afraid to dream big. You have so much potential to become the men I know you are meant to be.

 Unlimited – I look at you two and I want you to know your futures are unlimited. With hard work and effort you can do anything, be who ever you want to be."

 The supplies for this layout: Neutral Ultra Shimmer WOW Embossing Glitter, Clear Gloss Regular WOW Embossing Powder, WOW Embossing Pen, and WOW Gratitude Stamp

 Take a peek at the techniques Diana Used:
" I love the look of the glitter embossed embellishments but my budget doesn't always agree. With WOW embossing powders I can make my own embellishments. For this touch the sky embellishment, I cut it out from a piece of patterned paper from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection, then I used the embossing pen to color in the balloons and I embossed them with the Neutral Ultra Shimmer Embossing Glitter. I think it turned out perfect.

 I also cut out the stars in the upper right hand corner and I embossed them with Clear Gloss Regular Embossing Powder so they would have a shiny look. To finish up the layout I also stamped hearts along the bottom in the Neutral Ultra Shimmer because I wanted it to be subtle but shimmery finish."

 I love this layout too!  So many cute ideas, and love the way the clear gloss makes everything shine!

Okay, so next we go across the sea to France, and look at Benedict Raphalen's layout!

I love how she used the entire stamp to create a background on her paper!
 Such a great idea! She also embossed the flourishes stamps with some Clear Gloss Super fine, and California Sunshine powders. I also embossed the birds of "Is it a Bird?" stamps set with Skyline grey color.

Supplies used:
                                                      WOW Suzy West powder :California Sunshine

WOW Suzy West powder : Skyline Grey

WOW Suzy West powder : Sierra Sunrise

WOW "Is It a Bird" stamp set

WOW "Flourishes" stamp set

Now lets take a peek at what Jeannie has been doing too! 
She made a darling layout also!

Jeannie says, "For this layout, I used stamps from the two sets called, Is it a bird? and Call Me.
  I also used three different powders: Earthtone Olive, Earthtone Blueberry and Primary Bark.

These colors matched perfectly with Authentique Papers I used. I used the large stamp from CALL ME to add to the overall background of my base papers and for the papers I mounted my pictures with.
  For my journaling card I used one of the trees from the IS IT A BIRD? set. Also for the journaling card I used my embossing pad to adhere the embossing powder to the edges of the card. For the Earth cut outs, I took and embossing pen and drew lines to accentuate the lines on the pictures and then embossed them with
coordinating powders."

Looks so great!

Take a peek at what I have been doing!
Did you know you can emboss so much more than just cards? 
I wanted to make these summery umbrellas for the booth, and was wondering how I could.
I went and bought a bottle of embossing ink refill, and instead of putting it on my stamp pad, I dipped my finger into it, and rubbed the ink all over the umbrellas!
 It worked like a charm!

 They turned out so cute. 
I am going to display them all summer long, beside my shells, and beachy decor!

I also made this layout.
Since Suzy's line is called "By the Bay", I thought I would find my pictures of the
San Francisco Bay area.

I used some chipboard Thickers, and then used California Sunshine, Bay Area Blue, and Cable Car Red.
 I embossed each one two times so it shows up really bright and colorful, and super duper shiny too!
Take a peek here to see more shiny things from WOW.

Thanks for looking! 
Have a great weekend!
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