Friday, 27 April 2012

Discovering foils

Hello, Doris here from I have had a wonderful time trying out the foils and making them work for me.

On this flower journal I used the bonding powder with WOW stamps to embellish the background of the front cover. The letters are created from carton. I stuck double sided tape on it before die cutting the letters. Then foiled the letters by dabbing parts of the sticky surface on the white foil and then the gold foil.
Then I started thinking about what else these foils might stick to. I had heard somebody say that they stick to laser printed images. My laser printer is dead so I could not test that, but I tried them on acrylic paints and that works astonishingly well. Dry acrylic paint and a bit of free form hard rubbing gives you an instant distressed look. I particular love using the white foil which has a matte finish for this - a great distressing tool! And it is permanent. See the dots on that back page? The are the negative of the dots on the front page. Do not throw away your used foils. You can rub off what is remaining on acrylic paint and get double the shape for your money!
Continuing to play, I tried the foils  together with painted die cuts. I made a sandwich - foil on top of die cut and  put them together in an embossing folder and rolled them through the die cutting machine. Voila: Another winner!! The flower on the journal is created with turquoise acrylic paint and gold foil.
I achieved some wonderful looks - even with the brighter 'in your face' foil colours. Gorgeous two tone shimmers, that would be difficult to achieve with anything else. Or the foil just settled in the lines to highlight the dry embossing. Impossible to achieve with anything else!
White foil on Wedgwood blue acrylic paint: 
Gold foil on brown acrylic paint:                   
Red foil on turquoise acrylic paint:                
Sparkly silver foil on red acrylic paint:           

Your turn now! Have a play!


  1. Wow Doris! What a comprehensive display of a novel discovery - I love the distressed look you have achieved and who'd have thought acrylics would be sticky enough to catch the foils? I'm going to have to go play some more with them :)

  2. FAB many brilliant ideas xxxx

  3. Brilliant Doris - lots of ideas to try out :-) xx

  4. Oh,this looks so very fantastic!!!

  5. Ooh I love all your vintage effects, great idea. xx


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