Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Laure Mika inspired tower

Hello, Doris here. I do get a lot of inspiration looking at other artists work. For some time I have been admiring the colourful creations by Laurie Mika but have never fancied working with polymer clay.

Who needs polymer clay anyway, when one has embossing powder! Together with some die cut (or hand cut ) shapes and some stamps one can quite easily achieve a similar effect. My shapes were cut from a pizza box and gave me a nice sturdy base to emboss on. It helps to use a craft knife or some tweezers to keep the small shapes away from fingers when heat embossing.

I decided to decorate my tiles with complimentary WOW embossing colours using a variety of purples, silvers and one green. Some of the tiles have also been stamped. This project really got my imagination going and I made a list of all sorts of embossing techniques on my next 'Laurie Mika' project.

I added some painted photo slide frames and some 'bling' for variety. Again, the things I can imagine adding to a project like this are endless, I would just need to dive into my (emberassingly) vast studio storage and find all sorts.

This is a great way of tarting up old boxes to make them into something very special!


  1. A great homage to Laurie - I think you have replicated the appearance very well :)

  2. Wow! What a stuning project, I love it!

  3. What a stunningly different way to use the embossing powders. Great project.


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