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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mini Album Love in Wow Embossing Powder

Hi everyone!
I’m very happy to show you a mini album I made thanks to the amazing Wow embossing powders. I used a lot of different colors to create my own backgrounds. I also used the powders to create the embellishments and to give some motion to the mini album.
To do so, I simply stamped my patterns on a Bristol board and I embossed and cut them off. To create the cover, I embossed a tag with the Earthtone Honey Regular powder and I embossed the leaves and the heart with some Earthtone Pepper Regular and some Earthtone Paprika Regular colors.

On the first page of the album, I created this yellow background thanks to the Sour Lemon Regular powder. The ticket and the heart are embossed with some Earthtone Paprika Regular and Earthtone Pepper Regular colors.
I also embossed the Wow stamps board with the Bubble Gum Regular powder to create this pink background.
On the next page, I embossed the Wow flower stamps board with the Earthtone Nutmeg Regular powder and the leave with the Gummy Bear Green Regular powder.

Thanks to these powders and stamps, you could even do without any printed papers. You create customized backgrounds and that’s ideal to realize fantastic mini albums.
Here, I embossed the same background stamp, with some Earthtone Nutmeg Regular powder on the first page and with some Whirly Pop Regular powder on the second one. .
Finally, I used some Earthtone Paprika Regular and Gummy Bear Green Regular colors to create the backgrounds of these last pages. The heart and the ticket are embossed with some Cotton Candy Regular powder.
I hope this mini album will make you want to create customized mini albums according to your tastes and colors. Wow’s colors and powders are gorgeous and they perfectly match one another. Talk to you soon on Wow’s blog!

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  1. Hi, what type of material (stamp?) have you used to create the flower background? Love the album!


    Rachel, this is a WOW stamp.

  3. Gorgeous mini! Beautiful work!

  4. This is so stunning. Love all the details!