Tuesday, 31 January 2012

{love}message in a bottle

Hello, this is Doris from Cheap Psychology - my turn to do a DT post on Valentines ideas for men.

I wanted something to encapsulate a lot of little messages to him, something non-cute that we could keep for the future and would I be happy to display. The messages are all rolled up like paper beads. So this is how the idea panned out.

It is quite simple really! Roll your bottle in embossing ink and shake on your embossing powder. Start heating the bottle up slowly on the lower setting of your head gun and work in sections.

I used a the end of a wooden spoon wrapped in some cloth and stuck it in the bottle neck. This way my fingers were out of the way and I could turn the bottle to where I needed it. Work in sections and do not worry if you missed a bit. When the bottle is warm from your heat gun, you can add more embossing powder and it will stick.

When the bottle was covered, I heated up sections again and used some
clear embossing powder and drips of water. This gives an aged effect. The crystals were stuck on by again heating up a section of the bottle that
was already embossed and place them carefully. Use a pair of tweezers to manipulate the crystals into place, you have a brief window before the embossing powder sets hard.

It struck me that having a shelf of embossed bottles and jars would look quite beautiful. Especially with the range of metallic and coloured metallic WOW embossing powders at my disposal.
A great beginners project, but watch your fingers -it can get hot!


  1. I'm impressed at the even coverage you've achieved! I tend to get my glass too hot and my embossing too thick resulting in slumping!

  2. What a great idea. Fabulous embossing!

  3. Doris, this looks so very amazing! Really wonderfull! xx Bianca


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