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Monday, 30 January 2012

12 WOW Powders in One Mini!

Hi everyone! Iris here with my first blog post for WOW embossing powders. I'm so happy to be designing for WOW because the powders are really top of the line quality with gorgeous stunning colors! I wanted to share with you all a "revamped" project I made with WOW. I had a mini that needed an "edge" to it so I took out my WOW powders to do just that. Now I consider it "done" and I also have a reference of how all my 12 powders look like when melted.

Sierra Sunshine on the tag, Bodacious Blue on the flower, Polka Dot Whirly Pop on the blue flower.

Sour Lemon and California Sunshine on the yellow edge. with some Sierra Sunshine too.

Berryliciious and Presidio Purple

Layers of bay Area and Cotton Candy on the blue edge. This was fun to do. made a thick layer so when you heat and melt the top layer kind cracks and melts through to the darker lower layer. A kinda distressed shabby look.

Bubble Gum on the Pink Edge...

Mixed Tea Garden and Gummy Bear. Texture differs in the amount of heating time. Cable Car Red swirly dots.

Whirly Pop on the dark pink edge...

Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy with the super distressed look of the Skyline Grey puff...

I sure had fun doing this and I can't wait to get some more powders which are already on it's way to me. These powders are addictive! These powders will debut in the coming CHA show so can start telling your LSS about it to be sure that they get to place an order soon.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Beautiful mini, love all the colors. TFS

  2. Beautiful!! and such a great idea to have a reference for the melted powder colors!