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Saturday, 10 January 2015


I really don't do much DIY for the home. I have friends who are wizards when it comes to doing the coolest stuff and it looks really fun to have a lot of custom design around the house. So when this months challenge was coming I figured it would be a great opportunity to do something nice. And then I couldn't think of one single thing I wanted to make until I saw a picture of a beautiful dreamcatcher on Pinterest. 

I had a dreamcatcher in my room when I was younger, I guess they were in style back then. Now I'm seeing them again but in new versions. I decided it would be fun trying to make one. I have been embossing shrink plastic before with great results, just remember to shrink first and emboss after because it curls up and the embossing can be a bit wonky after that. I made small beads to decorate my dreamcatcher with the shrink plastic by punching out circles and hearts with my hand punches and holes with a smaller hole punch.

I embossed the tiny hearts in Fuchsia Fusion, the larger round beads in Calypso glitter and some small circles in Vintage Romance.

I also had some feather dies that I used to make some feathers, since every dreamcatcher should have feathers. They are hard to see because they are embossed in just a tiny bit of the Vintage Romance and the tips in Calypso Glitter. I attached them and the beads to gold thread and let them hang down mixed in with the ribbon.

Some of the tiny beads I weaved in to the web in the center. I picked translucent colors to let them catch the light, and the glitter makes it really pretty! The frame is made from the lid of a plastic jar, I just cut out the middle and wrapped some ribbon around it.


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  1. Fantastic make! The weaving of the centre web looks difficult though...

    1. Thank you! It's really not that hard, the thread wanted to tangle a bit but the technique was easy enough. There are lots of video tutorials on YouTube and photo tutorials too. It's basically just wrapping around in a certain way. Nothing fancy at all 😊