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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Nevermind, love. Have a cup of tea. - Altered Tea Cup

"Nevermind, love. Have a cup of tea."

Tea has been a soothing comfort elixir for me since I was a child. Even the sight of a fancy tea cup puts a smile on my face. 

For this month's glass challenge, I was inspired to design my own tea cups with the brilliant, translucent colors of Wow Embossing Powders. I had the good fortune of finding a set of clear tea cups in a second hand shop. If you're inspired to replicate this  project, I suggest a thorough cleaning of the glass in hot water and letting the glass dry completely before preparing to work with the powders. 

I coated my cups with a dust bag to ensure all the moisture would be removed before I stamped and "colored". If you do not have a dust bag, you can brush on corn starch or unscented baby powder. 

Because I had clear glasses and wanted to see the color all the way through, I  used translucent embossing powders including Bay Area Blue (SW-WH02R), Cable Car Red (SW-WH01R) and California Sunshine (SW-WH06R). The only opaque color I used was Gold Regular as a trim around the glass. The thin line was drawn with an embossing pen. 

Tip: Stamp and heat set each design (or 1 - 2 fairly far apart) before moving on to the next one to keep from blurring the images.


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