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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Garden Lantern - Summer and Sunshine Theme

"Summer and Sunshine" - Garden or indoor Lantern. 

Hi again, Chris here with this month's theme "Summer and Sunshine".

Iv'e created this Garden Lantern from an old jam jar. I embossed the jar with coloured powders - yellows, golds and greens - colours for summer - and added some flowers that I made using the new WoW silicone Flower Moulds.
You can use this Lantern jar with a T-light inside indoors or outside in the garden. If used in the garden, the T-light will be protected from the wind and the colours of the embossing powders will shine through making your garden lovely and colourful on those hot summer nights.

Make lots coloured jars to match the colours in your garden - they will surely get the neighbours talking.

These jars really easy to make - all I did was cover the jar with my clear embossing pad and add different colour powders one at a time all the way up the jar.

I then melted some Melt It powder in a Melt Pot then added some Flourescent Orange powder. Then poured the melted powders into the silicone moulds to set. I then stuck them on with silicone glue to the jar and added a wire holder at the top.

Jar indoors with a T-Light inside. 
Products used for this project were:

Silicone Flower mould Petal Medallion
Silicone Flower mould Pansy 
Melt It Embossing Powder
Flourescent Orange Regular 
Evergreen Regular
Gold Satin Pearl
Pastel Yellow
Gold Pearl

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  1. I love this idea..... I can see me having to take my jars back out of the recycle box... x