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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A vintage glitter snowglobe in spring?! Tutorial

Hello Everyone! This is Bianca again and I have a very interesting project idea for you. 
I have made this snowglobe but insted of snow I have filled it with WOW! Embossing Glitter and that way it´s suitable for every season. 

Look how it´s sparkling! 

This is what you need for creating a snowglobe like this:

You will also need:

*an emty jar of baby food ore an other small jar with cap
*liquit glycerine about 1/4 of the volume of your jar (you can buy it in a pharmacy)
*water resist glue
*a small piece of paterned paper
* some small leftovers of crafting foil ore clear shrink plastic
* water resist stamp pad
* heat gun and iron

If you want to read how you can make a snowglobe just klick on "read more".

First of all create the small piece of paper. I have used foil for the words and pastel opaque embossing powder for the hearts. The piece of paper is the bag of the snowglobe so you have to adjust the size fitting inside your jar!
After it take the two parts of foil and give one under and one over your paper piece.

Now you have to make the bag paper waterresist. Apply the glue just like on the photo on the edges of your foil. This looks first a little messy but belief me it works! After the glue is dry you can put the bag paper in the jar.

Stamp your image on an other small piece of craft foil and stick it on the inside of the cap. 

Now it´s time for a test. The cap must close the jar totaly. Open die jar again and let the glue dry befor you start the next step.

The next steps are a little messy so follow me in my kitchen :o)

Fill the jar 3/4 with water ore distilled water and 1/4 with glycerine. The jar must be totaly full as you don´t want to have air blowing in the snow globe.

Don´t think you must not use the glycerine! The Embossing Glitter will swim on the water through surface tension if you don´t add the glycerine! 

After you have close your jar shake it very well. Than you can start to decorate it!

Hope you have fun with my little tutorial! 

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  1. What an absolutely fabulous project. Can't wait to have a go at making this.
    Fantastic idea.

  2. A very pretty scene - love your use of stamps and the glitter looks great all floating around :)

  3. Thanks! I´m glad you like it! xx Bianca

  4. Very pretty Bianca. I think I 'need' to make one of these :) x

  5. Eine ganz tolle Idee Bianca!!! An off it goes onto the'to craft' list.x

  6. A really great idea to make this vintage style. I'm adding this to my list of things to make. Thanks for the inspiration. x