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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tutorial and Template for a Teacandle Display

Hello Everyone! This is me, Bianca again and I have a really very long post for you today. I want to show you how you can make a teacandle display like this. 

This is what you will need for creating your teacandle Display:

* a copy of the template
* large teacandle 
* papers, stamps and embossing powders
*scissors + pencil
* two magnetic snaps or other small fasteners
* if you have a score board it will be usefull but a ruler will do the job too

I have used:

First of all print out the template. It will have the perfect sice if you do not change anything and print on an A4 sheet of paper.

I have create my own designer papers with the wonderfull stampset from WOW! Use a watermark inkpad for the best result on your paper. 

Stamp and emboss one colour first befor you start the next colour.

That way a wonderfull layering effect will be shown in the end as you can see on this photo.

Ones you have finished creating your paper, you can start using your template. Draw all outlines using a pencil and mark the scorelines with dots. It will help you to score the lines between the dots later.

Now fold all flaps like on this photo and use the template for creating your lid... this. 

Now it´s helpfull if you have a scoreboard as you can easy score the lines like on the template beetween the dot marks you have made befor. 

If you dont have a scoreboard you can use a ruler and draw your lines with a pencil before you start to score.

Take care! You must be sure your candle is the same size as mine for using the circle cuting lines on the template! If not you can make a own circle using your candle as a template.

This is what you have now. The left part is for the box and the right for the lid.

It´s time for fold your box. It´s really easy! 

Score one more line about 0,5cm from the end of your box. You will need it later for close the lid if the candle is in the box.

The template is slighty taller than you maybe will need it. This is for the case your candle will be a little bit lager than mine.

You can mark and...

... cut away the overlapping part.

Now score a line exactly in the middle of your lid.

And fix it with magnetic or other fasteners. It´s for being safe and sure that the lid will not pop out if the candle is burning. 

Now you can start to decorate. If you want to use a image be sure you don´t apply glue on the back part of  the lid.

That´s a lovely little gift for many occations. You can burn the candle in the display as long as you don´t leave it unattended!

Hope you like it! I would be very happy if you can leave a comment for me if you have made a teacandle display like this as I really want to see your ideas!
xx Bianca

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  1. Stunning bit of crafty goodness there Bianca :)

  2. Eine klasse Anleitung und eine tolle Geschenkidee.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Beautiful Bianca - I NEED to make one of these...