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Friday, 27 January 2012

Mixed Media Moments!

Hi Everyone

Here are a few samples which use different mediums to make best use of your embossing powders and stamps.

This card was inspired when I visited a local store and saw a display with a British theme.

Materials Used:
1. Distress the white card stock and backing paper with vintage photo at the rear of the card
2. Stamp out in blueberry and apple red the distress christmas tree 4 of each colour and cut the tree out in a triangle so they look like flags.  Put 2 of each on each side of the card at the top left and bottom right of the card.
3. Use the distress inks to make a union jack colours on a piece of card the same size as the embossing folder.  Don't be too particular, the more distressed the better. Cover the distress ink with a clear embossing ink pad then put ultra high embossing powder over the top.  Heat until melted.  Again don't be too particular with the outcome, you want it distressed.
4. Rip all the way round the union jack then scrunch the card up cracking the hardened embossing powder.  Put vintage photo distress ink over the top then wipe off with a paper towel.  The ink should go into the cracks and round the edge giving an 'old' look.
5. Take a piece of card and brush around the sides with the same inks as for the union jack .  This is going to be the background for the piece of vellum.
6. Print out the words to Land of hope and glory onto your piece of vellum.  Straight away take your ultra clear fine powder and put over the words on the vellum.  It should stick then heat.  Your words will be raised.
7. Go around the edges of the vellum with vintage photo.
8. Put the background card and vellum together and along the right side punch 5 holes for the ribbon to  go through.
9.   Stamp the telephone box and telephone onto acetate with apple red and black embossing powder and cut out.
10. Put the card together white card, background card, flags, ribbon, put the union jack inside the left side of the joined vellum at an angle and stick down.
11. Glue the phone box and telephone onto the card over the vellum so that they stick the vellum down and you cannot see the glue.


 This next piece was inspired when I bought 2 x photo frames at 75p! from Home Bargins and we have some lovely butterfly stamps from WOW.  You could do the same with photo frames at home or car boot sale finds giving them a new lease of life....

Materials used:
  1. Cut a piece of watercolour card the size of the frame.
  2. Use whatever colours you wish and paint stripes of colour over it.  Make sure it is a bit transparent. Let it dry either in the air or heat gun.
  3. Take the writing stamp in a frame from 'call me' and only ink up the writing in London fog.  Stamp this onto a piece of scrap paper so you get the 2nd impression when you stamp onto the watercolour card it will look very faint in the background.  Do this at an angle all over the card.
  4. Take the gratitude stamp from 'gratitude' and stamp this 4 times on the card 2 x on the left 2 x on the right in lake mist. 
  5. Take the heart tree from 'Is it a bird' and stamp this 2 x on the card at the bottom, with London fog, stamping it on 1st impression, not like before, which makes it stand out on the card.
  6. Stamp the outline of the butterfly with clear embossing ink followed by black embossing powder onto any background paper scraps you have which will match the embossing powders you are using.  Cut these out and stick where you wish on the watercolour card.
  7. Put the frame together including the glass.
  8. Stamp out which body of the butterfly you want in clear ink and emboss with the colour of your choice.  I used the above. Cut these out
  9. Die cut the word or use other materials such as stickers, fabric or other dies.
  10. Bend the acetate in the middle giving the butterfly dimension and a body.  Use glue sparingly in the middle and stick onto the glass.
  11. Stick the word on the glass also.
There you have it a 3 dimensional photo frame...........

I was given samples of some flock some weeks ago and have been pondering what to do with it so..........


I found this cat die in my stash and created 4 toppers.  One of the more impressive experiments I tried was to put it on velvet paper, which I'm sure a lot of you will have in your stash and haven't done a lot with.  WOW its come out a treat!! and gives a regal finish to my toppers.  I'll be trying this again.

The flock which WOW have, comes in numerous colours. I used White, Black and Brown on the toppers.

The shapes and tags are Spellbinders and I have used the 'gratitude' stamp and the 'flowers' background stamp. (which is out of stock at present, so there is no link).

So how do you use it you may ask.

1. Stamp with a clear embossing pad onto paper, card or as above in the 'thanks' topper and 'gratitude' topper onto velvet covered paper. (light purple)
2. Sprinkle bonding powder onto the ink just like you would if embossing and tap off.
3. Heat the image and keep going (remembering not to burn it) until it turns tacky. This is a little longer than normal embossing.
4. Sprinkle flock all over the project then press firmly down.  Brush it off with fingers and rub off any excess gently. Put excess back into tub.  The tackiness of the bonding agent sticks the flock to the project.
5. Heat again (just a little) to complete the bond 
6. The result is a very tactile project great for animals and as I have found out, backgrounds. 

P.S. I have also found that it is good to stick onto double sided tape as an imitation velvet ribbon.


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  1. A great post - I love the picture frame you have created.

  2. Incredible variety of designs - I love them all! I've got a couple of the deep frames that I was going to use for something else... but now I think they have been repurposed :)

  3. Great work - I especially love the frame but they are all fab!

  4. WOW! You are such a buzy bee ;o) I love all your projects. Amazing how you have used the dies. xx Bianca

  5. Good post and straight to the point. I don't know if this is in fact the best place to ask but do you guys have any thoughts on where to get some professional writers? Thank you :)
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