Seth Apter & Stencil Girl Blog Hop Collaboration


We are collaborating with both Stencil Girl & Seth Apter for a two-day blog hop. Today is the first day of the hop. 

A $35 Gift Certificate to StencilGirl® Products,
a $35 Gift Certificate to Seth Apter’s Shop
AND a $25 Gift Certificate to Wow! Embossing Powder
Enter to win by leaving a comment below.
Then be sure to visit the other blogs in the hop and comment to win.
The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to WIN!
Three winners will be chosen at random from all blog comments!
(One comment per blog please.)
You have until Wednesday, September 23rd  at 11:59PM Central Time to leave your comments.
Winners will be announced on Thursday, September 24th.

Head over to Day 2 that starts tomorrow on the Stencil Girl blog.

Line Up

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  1. I liked the stencil used. I may just have to order it

  2. What’s not to like? Seth Apter, embossing powder, Stencil girl - a few of my favourite things 😍

  3. is the contest open to everyone, or only the UK and the US? I'm in Canada.

  4. How exciting! I love Seth and Stencil girl - and would love to try Wow!

  5. Thank you for the blog hop! Love Seth, WOW!, and Stencilgirl!

  6. What a great collaboration! So much inspiration with such great companies!

  7. This is so exciting. So many great projects

  8. Stencils, embossing powder together makes magic. Thanks.

  9. What a great opportunity, thanks a lot

  10. Thank you so much for your generosity!!

  11. I have enjoyed this hop & thank you for this awesome opportunity! 😊

  12. Really beautiful colors of embossing powder can't wait to get tons of inspiration from this hop so thanks for putting it together

  13. Love that three of my favs are hopping together

  14. Eager to try Mary Beth's and Seth's approaches to using embossing powders this way!

  15. I love both Stencil Girl and Seth Apter products. I have tried to get his embossing powders in the past but they have been out of stock. This is a great collab and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone makes.

  16. Great projects on the hop! Enjoying the inspiration!

  17. What a great collaboration and hop lineup, sure to be filled with tons of inspiration and crafty goodness! Thanks for organizing - I'm off to get my crafty hop fix...

  18. Wow, so much inspiration - these stencils, embossing powders etc look awesome! I’m excited to get crafty .... right after this hop.

  19. What a fantastic collaboration with such amazing companies involved. This blog hop is sure to inspire my creativity - I love it!

  20. So inspiring! Can't wait to try some new techniques!

  21. Those are three of my favorite companies. Love them and I thank you all for the opportunity to win some goodies that I might not have tried yet.

  22. Stencils are such great tools. So versatile: so many ways to use them and so many mediums to use them with

  23. I can't wait to see what everyone has done!

  24. Awesome prizes and awesome artists! THANKS!

  25. I’m just relearning the joys of embossing with Seths sets in Metalz and Cosmic which I purchased for yesterday’s class. Thank you for this opportunity.

  26. Awesome stuff as usual, Mary Beth!! Thanks for sharing!

  27. How can we go wrong! Exciting hop!! Thank you!

  28. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Great opportunity. We love all that you all are doing for people during this crazy time.

  30. This looks like so much fun! Unfortunately I can't order anything for myself this month. Will this class be available to orderat another time?

  31. Such a fun idea! Would love to win but also just cool to see all these blogs.

  32. I love a good blog hop! This will be fun.

  33. Thanks for the blog looks like a great one!

  34. I was not aware of Stencil Girl products so these blog hops expose us to new and exciting products. I was happy to see all the creations using your beautiful embossing powders and they do have that WOW factor.

  35. Three of my favorites! Mary Beth, Seth and WOW! Love all your great examples here. I’m Gina Caruso.

  36. So creative. I need some of each, please!

  37. WOW! Such inspiration!!
    moonsfolly (at) comcast (dot net)

  38. Love the stencils and colors you used! You are a class act!

  39. Love this stencil and the powders are beautiful. Love WOW products.

  40. Enjoying this hop, thank you!

  41. oh WOW, oh Seth, oh Stencil matter how many we have, there is always more to enjoy...that Wow roller ball tool looks cool! Thanks for the hop opportunity!

  42. Love StencilGirl and Seth Apter. I want to try stenciling using the embossing powders.

  43. Thank you for introducing me to the artists!

  44. Awesome Hop! Love your powders - especially the metallics and blues!
    dianehuge (at) yahoo (dot com)

  45. As a huge fan of stencils AND embossing powders, how come did I not think of combining the two before? Here I'm sure I'll find plenty of ideas to experiment with!

  46. I am a big fan of WOW! embossing powders. And I love stencils. SO this hop is a total treat for me!

  47. What a great combination. Thanks so much for the opportunity, inspiration and fun. Oh those stencils!!! Oh boy. Fingers crossed but if not, just might need some of these lovelies.

  48. And that embossing powder - POW! Out of this world.

  49. Love Seth's stuff and wow embossing powders

  50. Such inspiring new tools and toys to explore! Thanks, Seth!

  51. Thank you for the blog hop! Love all the stunning inspiration!

  52. I like the floral stamp and the swirly one used 9n the heart.

  53. This is all new to me, but wow the inspiration. Looking forward to the rest!

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